Saturday, November 26, 2011

make your muscles

when push came to shove

we pushed ourselves to pull our own weight

we bashed our brains to stay in love

and then fell short instead of trying to keep up

maybe loving is

i have arms to hold you up

i could never resist the temptation of moving mountains

but are they making moves on me

we tied our lies to our best friends

with intentions of picking up where we left off

we fail as men

please hold my head above the water

but i hold the ocean in my heart

what a miracle it is to be loved at all

maybe loving is but what more are muscles for

we fall short but let's try once more

Thursday, September 1, 2011

First attempt at Redscale film

Anytime my brother comes to visit we always end up buying film together and talking about cameras and grand ideas we have for photos.  He always inspires me and encourages me to continue shooting for fun.  He continues to shoot with film even though the rest of the world is enamored by digital.  Film is just magical.  I know that sounds hokey but it's true I can't think of another way to describe it.  Developing this roll of film was the first time I have seen a physical print in my hands for years.  Holding these prints in my hands reminded me why I fell in love with photography in the first place and  how meaningful is it to have a portrait/print given to you by a good friend.  A good friend challenged me to combine my strength of empathy with my photography and asked me what that might look like... I'm not quite sure yet but I have some ideas.  :)  Film and physical prints will be apart of the process so stay tuned!

Also I will be posting some promo shots for my roomie Kelly Condron soon!  Here is a quick look of some in process:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

keep away

it seems like anytime i voice my own opinion

try to tell my story

say something from deep in my gut

my face just gets hot and

turns the color of a tomato

like i'm not really sure of my

own opinion or

i'm scared of being shunned or

seen as unintelligent

since my words all come out jumbled and

my mind moves faster than my mouth can

keep up

by the time my mouth opens

the thought has

already past and

i've forgotten what it was

I was trying to say anyway

then my mouth stammers and

hates my brain for

not leaving it more clues as

to where it was going in

such a hurry

i think my mind was

running away from

my mouth

trying to hide before

my mind had a chance to

catch up

like a a cruel game of keep away



my mouth gasps and

gulps for air

ah fuck!

why do you always run from me mind!!!

you've got some good thoughts up in there!

I just want to see them and share a couple that so bad?

Stop hiding everything before it has a chance to surface!

You’ve got good ideas.

Do i have to shake them out of you?


I promise you do.

If you would just show me a couple of them i promise to translate them well...

you just got to give me time to process them


i'm going to be left out there playing charades with the lips

and you know they hate to do that...

somehow they always come out with a mumble or a slur


for gosh sakes!


one of these days i'm going to catch you and

force you to spill everything that you carry around

in those filing folders of yours and

when that happens

i'll take your key and

unlock all the drawers of

all your filling cabinets

then maybe we'd be able to create something around here

We would make great collaborators

you and me

Seriously we could make some

beautiful things together

You just got to trust me and

trust the process


you’re with a good friend

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

ten photogs

10 photographers worth studying... check em out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

free flow to prevent stickyness

"there is poetry stuck inside my soul and it wont come out"
this text can not be responded to with another
if you've got a voice in you
and everyone
i don't care who you are has a voice in them
even if they are mute
hook line and reel that sucker out!
with out the light of day
like a neglected houseplant
it will rot in the depths
of your soul and you will
wish 30 years from now
that you had had the
guts to scale the walls
of your inhibitions
break them down with a
sledgehammer like the
striking of a set
clear them out and claim your
souls studio space
once claimed and free of distractions
your soul can breathe clear
if your voice is timid drag it kicking and
screaming to the grand canyon of your
doubt and push if off that cliff
somewhere reeling on the way down
it will open its wings and learn to
fly but it wont learn unless
you give it permission and
we give others permission to live
freely by freely being
BElieve in YOUrself
your voice your story your life
is dying to break out of the
cool collected reserved shell of
shame and disesteem
golden beams of pure light
pierce through the cracks in your skin thin coat
yet you cover them for fear of feeling exposed
do you realize that you are robbing us?!
how dare you deprive us of
God's gift
through your uniqueness
stop holding yourself back
concrete dams are powerless to the hairline fracture
strategically placed with all the
energy and strength of a 10 point earthquake
packed with unlimited potential
to transport mountains with the sway of your hip
so shake those hips baby
and dance to your own song with
a flow all your own
we need leaders with your moxie
to invite us to live
fully deeply